Writing has always been my hobby, even though my business is all about dates exportation.Thus, I have written for a range of journals, from papers to online magazines and catalogues, and a lot more. Having stayed in Dubai for my lifetime, I have developed an outstanding attitude towards the world. In the end, this city has an outstanding combination of the global and cultural aspects – and that is particularly what I really enjoy capturing. Being a world-traveler with his core in UAE, I have a fantastic perspective on global ethnicities. Nonetheless, there was one thing vacationing connected me to – my love for the distinct flowers and plants of plenty of geographical regions. As work and relatives control my life, journeying has all but stopped. So de-stressing through writing seemed like a smart idea. I’m expecting to offer various unique ideas into my other interests such as farming (or, generally, something to do with the outdoor environment) and travelling. So if you would like to find out anything new or just enjoy a fun read, follow me and stay updated.

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